I offer Cognitive Analytic Therapy (CAT) to adults, with face to face appointments at Naturality Wellness Centre in Berkhamsted.

Naturality Wellness Centre
42 Lower Kings Road

Naturality is only a couple of minutes’ walk from Berkhamsted station. You can view a map HERE that shows the town and where Naturality is situated.

Parking is available.

Online appointments via Zoom are also available.

How many sessions will I need?

CAT is a time-limited therapy, usually offered in courses of between 16 and 24 weekly sessions. However, this is flexible and the number of sessions will be agreed with you within the early stages of therapy.

The Initial Consultation

The therapeutic relationship is important in CAT, and it is through developing trust and a connection in therapy that unhelpful relationship patterns can emerge, be thought about and understood, and an opportunity can arise for the development of new ways of coping and relating. I start by offering 1-2 initial consultation sessions to think about what has brought you to therapy, whether we feel that we can work together and whether you feel that CAT could be helpful to you.

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